Getting to the final design of the Dela (which means business in Russian) Stool was a long process full of failure. But through these failures I learned a lot.
The project began as a group assignment to design a chair, stool or bench that would fit in a high school environment.

The following were sketches I did that helped to inform the final design.
Together with one of my four group members, we combined our ideas to create the following iteration.
The two of us then made a scaled sketch model.
When the additional two group members became available we redesigned the concept further and made a sketch model out of cardboard and PVC pipe.
We found the PVC pipe to be too flimsy.
At this point we redesigned the chair again, further simplifying it. This was the design and prototype that we presented at the annual Humber Chair Show.
I was not happy with this design and proceeded to do further sketch iterations on my own.
I kept the ergonomic dimensions that we had researched as a group, like the overall height and location of foot rests. And I kept what I felt was the underlying essence of the stool; the bent seat, shaped pillow and steel tube legs. I worked on creating a modern form that was friendly and consistent. While still keeping the stool stackable and flat packable.
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